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Case Study – Holy City


Just outside of Lawton, OK, in the beautiful Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, sits the Holy City of the Wichitas. It is a 66-acre replica of ancient Jerusalem just as it would have looked during biblical times. It features buildings and monuments just as Jesus would have experienced them. It is also home to North America’s longest continuously running Easter pageant, a traditional play that depicts the passion story.


The Holy City is run by volunteers in the community and they reached out to us because they simply needed more help. In 2021, The Holy City of the Wichitas approached us to help increase brand awareness through social media.


We meet our clients where they are in their business journey. Here is where we started with this client.

The first step to building their social media presence was to create a Facebook page. Once we built their Facebook page from scratch, we implemented a strategy using our local resources and specifically geared the posts towards the increase of engagement on the page. 


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When we created their new page, the Holy City had no posts or followers…Look at them now!


Facebook followers in 2022


Organic Social Media Reach on Posts


Combined Engagement on Posts Each Month

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