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Content Marketing

Memorable Brand Copy

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Content that establishes your brand’s uniqueness

How often do you find yourself struggling to write compelling content that matches your brand voice? 

Businesses often spend a great deal of time writing copy for their brand but struggle to find the right words. Your work day is busy enough, copywriting shouldn’t take up that much time and energy.  

Simplify your message

Get copy that meets its purpose

Speak in the voice of your brand

Reach the right audience

Copy that engages your audience


Elevate your brand with content management services that align directly with your brand and speak your audience’s language.

Our mission is to help businesses like yours simplify their copy and clarify their message so that your brand voice is heard. Our copywriters are trained to write copy for a variety of purposes: 

Ad copy

Social Media Platforms

Presentation verbiage

Search engine friendly copy for websites

Press releases

Marketing Materials

Video Scripts

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Why is Light Alive the right choice for content management?


Our copywriters will work with you to become experts in your industry and know all the important buzzwords that speak specifically to the audience you are hoping to reach.

We know that keeping your content relevant and up-to-date makes you a trusted leader in your field.

We are also knowledgeable in consumer behaviors, like creating social media posts that engage and generate traffic, how many words consumers will read before losing interest, and how to lead them to action.

SEO Friendly Writing

Even if you are a skilled writer, knowing how to write content that appeals to search engines has changed the game.

What does SEO friendly writing look like?

Search engines prefer website content that:

  • Have a lower reading level
  • Makes good use of transition words
  • Contains the keywords your target audience uses to find you and competing businesses

Keeping up with content, knowing what your audience searches for, and knowing when it’s time to overhaul your content to make it more search engine optimized is a challenge for any business.

Story telling is at the heart of all marketing content.

Learn how our team harnesses the power of story telling to bring your brand to life.

Let your content work for your brand!