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Maintenance Terms and Conditions

Our website maintenance plans are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Services will begin at the date that the document is signed and initial payment is received.
  2. Monthly rates are subject to change. You will be notified in writing of any rate changes.
  3. Maintenance & Support contracts are not termed and are charged month by month.
  4. Plans may be changed upon client’s request 15 days before going into effect.
  5. Cancellation of services must be provided in writing 15 days prior to termination of services.
  6. Automatic payment setup is required for monthly maintenance plans. Methods of payment must be setup with credit/debit card or bank draft.
  7. If automatic payment is not received within 5 days of due date, all services will be paused until payment is received.
  8. Invoices more than 15 days overdue may incur late fees.
  9. Light Alive Marketing will store your information securely and will not share your information with any other parties under any circumstance.
  10. By subscribing to our maintenance & support plans you agree to our terms and conditions.