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Boosted Posts vs Paid Ads: What’s Right For You?

Boosted Posts vs Paid Ads: What’s Right For You?

May 13, 2024 | Business Management, Marketing, Social Media

Feeling unheard on social media? Like you’re just screaming into the void of followers who never see your awesome posts? Fear not, weary marketer! We’ve got the scoop on two secret weapons: Boosted Posts and Paid Ads. But hold on, what exactly sets them apart, and when should you use each one?


Think of Boosted Posts as your social media loudspeaker. It takes an existing post you already shared and blasts it out to a wider audience. Think of it as giving your favorite content a little extra oomph! This is a good alternative when you have a post that has gotten some attention, and you want to share the joy with other users.


With Paid Ads, you are writing your own custom social media billboard. You get to design something eye-catching and write a message specifically for your ideal customer. Think “Back-to-School Blowout!” aimed directly at parents who follow trendy kid clothing brands. Talk about laser focus!


What Sets Them Apart?

The Starting Line:
Boosted posts take your existing posts and cranks up the volume.
Paid ads let you start from scratch and create something brand new to grab attention.


Boosted posts are like a one-size-fits-all t-shirt.
Paid ads let you tailor the whole outfit – message, visuals, the works!


Boosted posts can target basics like age and location.
Paid ads get super specific, like targeting people who just bought a house (congrats!) or love watching cat videos (weirdos!).


Cost and Complexity:
Boosted posts are easier on the wallet but less customizable.
Paid ads require more effort upfront but offer more control and tracking.


When Do You Use Each?

Boosted Posts:
Perfect for amplifying content that’s already getting some love or spreading an important announcement. Imagine that awesome blog post you shared – a boosted post can get it in front of a whole new set of eyes.


Paid Ads:
When you have a clear goal in mind, like driving website traffic or promoting a new product launch, paid ads are your bestie. Their targeting superpowers ensure your message reaches exactly the right people.


The Bottom Line

Both boosted posts and paid ads can be social media marketing rockstars, but they play different roles. Boosted posts are great for a quick shout-out, while paid ads are ideal for targeted campaigns. Heck, you can even use them together. Test the waters with boosted posts, then use what you learn to build super-powered paid ads.


Now go forth and conquer the social media world! Just maybe avoid yelling directly into the void anymore. It can be echo-y.