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How to Use Customer Testimonials to Generate More Revenue 

How to Use Customer Testimonials to Generate More Revenue 

Oct 14, 2021 | Business Management, Social Media

With so much business being conducted online due to the pandemic or just our fast paced world driven on convenience, reviews truly can make or break a business. If you think you will just escape having to deal with negative press by avoiding opening the avenues to collect online reviews, this is not a good solution either because 92% of consumers read online reviews when considering a purchase. 88% of consumers also report to trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 


Think about your own preference as a consumer. Do you want to risk a purchase on a product or service from a company that has no reviews? Most likely not. 


Positive reviews affect your visibility on the web


However, reviews aren’t beneficial only for increasing sales. Did you know they can also affect your ranking with Google? Positive reviews (and the more, the better) can increase your Google ranking. Few reviews, as well as many negative reviews, may actually cause your website to rank lower in the world’s most powerful search engine. 


It isn’t just Google either where reviews matter. Retailers like Amazon also pay attention to how consumers are rating products and control the process in favor of customers.


Agencies like the Better Business Bureau affect consumer trust too. Have you ever noted the security seals on a website before you complete a purchase? You are not alone.  The BBB’s security seal comes in 3rd on the Baymard’s survey regarding consumer-rated trust in checkout seals.


I have reviews, now what?


Testimonials give search engines new, relevant content to search engines from customers interacting with your brand. Reviews are naturally filled with keywords that customers are actually searching for. In fact, one study found that on average, a site utilizing customer reviews may increase site traffic by a whopping 45 percent


So once you have a few reviews floating out there in cyberspace, how do you use them to your advantage? Here’s three ideas:


Social Media


There’s no easier way to let potential consumers know about what others have to say than by sharing reviews across your social channels.


Sharing authentic user-generated content builds more trust with your audience. Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are ideal platforms to post customer testimonials alongside their photos and profiles.


Your website’s homepage


Engagement is an important factor to increase search ranking. It is also a key factor for any landing page (like your homepage) in moving consumers from making a purchase from you or deciding to work with you. Software on your website can easily generate reviews onto your homepage to help guide consumers along to make that decision. 


Customer Testimonial Videos


One of the best ways to utilize a testimonial from a satisfied customer is to create a video. Testimonial videos, when done right, provide an authentic, relatable connection among your target audience, and can easily be shared across multiple channels. 


If you know you have many satisfied clients or customers out there but you’re just not generating reviews like you would like, there are many strategies we can suggest to help get them talking about your brand. Reach out to schedule a consultation with us at lightalive.marketing/contact.