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Karla Korhonen – Electronic Media Coordinator, EZ GO Convenience Stores

When I found Angel, we  had just lost our web services provider that had guided us into web involvement.  I was extremely nervous about trusting a new person with the development of our business online. Quick response and translating what we wanted into what was available was paramount.  I was hesitant to think I could find someone that could understand what I needed and still explain new technology and ideas in a way I could understand. Angel fills that gap perfectly! She understands “regular person” talk and can translate it into the high tech output needed to maintain an appropriate web presence.  It was so nice to have someone anticipating issues and suggesting solutions to hurdles before we even knew we needed to jump! Response time is excellent, she hit or beat every deadline. Angel has the ability to triage and handle emergency issues expediently, while responding quickly to more standard requests. We have done a complete overhaul and update to our site as well as monthly ongoing updates.  Her creative approach to problem solving is fantastic! Angel is one of those gifted people that can communicate with all kinds of people with all kinds of technological backgrounds comfortably and honestly. We are just thrilled with the job she does!