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Three Social Media Musts!

Three Social Media Musts!

Sep 23, 2021 | Social Media

Want to expand your reach on social media? It’s not too complicated and can cost you less than your weekly trips to Starbucks! Try THESE three things to bring your social media presence to the forefront and grab the attention of your ideal clients in no time.

Boost Your Social Media and Make Ads

Boosting your social media could be the easiest and least expensive way to reach your ideal audience nowadays. With the functions to narrow down your target niche by location, age, gender, and even household income, you can make your dollar worth every click that can bring people into your business’ messages and promotions. And since Instagram works closely with Facebook, you can create ads that will be shared across both platforms. We suggest starting with a small budget ($25-$50 a post) and try one or two posts per month. That way, you can hone in on your preferred audience efficiently and effectively. 

Sharing is Caring

When you work with different partners and collaborators, you should be tagging them and their pages in your post. But this isn’t enough to have their audience’s eyes on your content too. When partnering or mentioning another business in your social media content, be sure to send them a quick message too, that way your post and intentions are completely transparent and the request to cross promote is clear. This can be an email to your partner’s main point of contact, or you can send them a direct message on the platform you are hosting your posts to keep the conversation in one place. Know your collaboration and their preferred method of contact to make the partnership fruitful now and in the future.

Show Your Face

Brands on social media need to focus on WHO rather than WHAT. A brand needs to be personable and relatable. This means that businesses need to show the faces and personalities behind their services and products in order to create that connection with their potential client base. If you do classes or workshops, show the instructors in action! If you create floral displays for weddings, take a picture of you doing your magic and creating an amazing floral display. By putting relationships before revenue, you will see more loyal and ideal clients flocking to your content.

Have questions about how to improve your social media presence? We are here to help! Give us a call and schedule your free initial consultation about how we can support your business and boost you to the next level.