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Light Alive Showcase: Comanche County Memorial Hospital

Light Alive Showcase: Comanche County Memorial Hospital

Feb 19, 2019 | About Light Alive, Project Showcase

We are very fortunate to build websites for clients here in Lawton. Many of these organizations have a great impact in our community. One of these organizations is Comanche County Memorial Hospital (CCMH).  CCMH is a non-profit organization. It is also the largest hospital in Southwest Oklahoma, located in Lawton. Over 4,000 employees and 200 medical providers work for Comanche County Memorial Hospital. CCMH specializes in services that are unique to the area including the region’s only NICU, Comprehensive Heart Care and Robotic Surgery.


Comanche County Memorial Hospital Website Then


Light Alive has worked with Comanche County Memorial Hospital for many years, starting when Angel was a freelance designer. CCMH hired Angel to overhaul their websites. Back then, their websites were outdated, broken, non-responsive and had dated designs. For that reason, it took hundreds of hours for Angel to get the websites updated, responsive and built with modern functionality.


Comanche County Memorial Hospital Website Now


Since then, we have also created websites for other organizations associated with CCMH. Each site has a unique, custom design which also matches the branding of CCMH. However, as with all of our sites, they are also built in a way that is easy to update frequently. Healthcare sites sometimes have hundreds of pages describing services and promoting current events.


Consequently, our work with these organizations is immense. We keep databases current with provider directory information, run digital marketing campaigns and provide social media marketing. Due to the size of an organization like CCMH, they also require much creative work. Therefore, we create graphics for social media, print and digital ads.


We also help CCMH with their interaction with the public. This includes keeping information up to date. We want to ensure that patients can easily find the information they are seeking. An important step in this process is providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We also manage their Google listings and patient reviews.


Our team even assists with video production for CCMH as needed. This includes creating commercials starting from drafting scripts to filming and editing them. Angel has been creating videos for the Comanche County Memorial Hospital Foundation also as part of their annual fundraiser events.


We are excited to have a part in CCMH’s growth. It is rewarding to watch this organization evolve to meet the needs of our community and keep up with current healthcare standards.


If your organization needs assistance with any of the services we mentioned in this blog or other projects, we would love to work with you. Please reach out!