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Light Alive Spotlight: Angel

Light Alive Spotlight: Angel

Nov 5, 2018 | Team

At Light Alive, we know the importance of knowing who you’re doing business with. You don’t just care about the company itself, but you care about the people that stand behind it. Of course, none of us would be here to work for this great company without our Founder and CEO, Angel. As a small business owner, it is no surprise that Angel wears many “hats.” Not only does she perform many necessary project management and administrative tasks, but she also works as a Multimedia Designer, Photographer and Video Producer for the company.


Angel is always on the go, but somehow manages to always be there for the team when we need her. If you call the company, you will often hear her voice on the other end of the line. She is ever present in each project we work on. Daily she attends meetings with clients, helps with graphic and web design work, creates marketing plans and runs marketing errands for clients- all while taking care of crucial tasks for the business!


Anyone that knows Angel would not be surprised to hear the things that she finds most rewarding about her role. “The most rewarding thing about my job is to make our clients happy,” she said. “I love delivering final products, whether that’s a website, a graphic, or something else.  Also, I love how excited they get when they see their brand in action for the first time! I particularly care for the clients who have had bad experiences with web designers or marketing firms, and I like to convince them otherwise. Of course, I LOVE our ongoing clients and being able to work with someone long-term. Another favorite thing about my job is that I have an amazing team which I love very much, and I wake up in the mornings grateful for what this business has become.”


With so many “hats” to wear, it is hard for Angel to narrow it down to a favorite project she has worked on at Light Alive. Long before Light Alive was ever even an idea though, Angel was always a creative thinker. She was always passionate about learning how to create new things, learn new design tricks and how to do more with what she had learned. She said, “I love when I actually get to design things. I’m a business owner and love it, but I’m still a designer by heart. One of my favorite projects is probably the Spirit of Survival branding. We named the buffalo ‘Hugo,’ but I drew him up by hand and still love him. I love seeing him on everything.”


What our team says about Angel:

“I appreciate Angel’s drive and dedication to her business, her clients, and her team. She works hard and she loves what she does and she goes above and beyond to makes sure the needs of the client are met. She has also been a wonderful friend to me, and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her and being her Right Hand, haha!” -Melanie

“I have had the honor of watching Angel passionately pursue her dream of running a marketing and design business. She is dedicated to providing the latest in style and effective marketing for all LA clients.” – Shawn

“Angel is an inspiring individual. She is so talented and driven. I have learned so much from her, and I love the creative environment she has created for our team.” -Heather


5 of Angel’s favorites:

  • Jesus
  • My kids/husband AND my brothers
  • My cats
  • Designing things
  • Peace and quiet time in my yard


5 interesting facts about Angel:

  • I did people’s taxes for 5 years.
  • My whole family lives in Europe.
  • My favorite food is probably salad – and Italian food! The REAL Italian food!
  • One of my hobbies is traveling the world.
  • I can’t stand hot dogs.


Words Angel lives by:

Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful. ~ Dieter Rams