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Light Alive Showcase: Spirit of Survival

Light Alive Showcase: Spirit of Survival

Nov 5, 2018 | About Light Alive, Design Services, Marketing

Here at Light Alive, we are excited to have a part in marketing for companies in Lawton, our local community. One of these projects is a local project that benefits our community known as Spirit of Survival.


About Spirit of Survival

The Spirit of Survival is a two-day bike ride and marathon event that benefits the Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma. In its 13th year, it is one of the largest benefit races in Southwest Oklahoma. Thousands of people participate, coming from across the nation and sometimes from across the world. Several organizations, sponsors and hundreds of individuals work to bring this highly anticipated event to fruition.


Spirit of Survival is emotional to witness.  It is near and dear to the hearts of many in our community. The event benefits the cancer care of our local friends and family members. For some, crossing that finish line is putting into action what it feels like to cross a proverbial finish line, winning their cancer battle. It is moving to see participants wearing a bib in memory of someone that lost their cancer battle or survivor’s t-shirt.


Something for everyone takes place at Spirit of Survival too. Participants choose from a kid’s marathon, 5K, quarter marathon, half marathon, family bike ride and 3 other bike rides from 27 to 64 miles. It’s exciting to see people of all skill levels reach their goals as they cross the finish line.


Our Involvement

Angel has worked with the Cancer Centers and Spirit of Survival for several years. Now, our team feels fortunate to be involved in the event too. It started with the website, and now we create all the branding through graphic work. We also design branding for promotional items, including t-shirts, medals and bibs. Angel drew the buffalo logo for Spirit of Survival. Although fictional, our team affectionately refers to him as “Hugo”.


Once the branding is complete, we then produce commercials for the big event. We also help manage social media content and answer participant questions leading up to race day.


Involvement in an important event is hectic and stressful, but we are excited when race day comes! During the event, our team works hard. We video and photograph the bike rides and races, set up and help manage registration. We also put out important website and social media updates such as top placing participants, time changes, or other announcements.


After the last participants cross the finish line, the ending ceremony is over and the participants receive their medals and trophies, what do we do? We go home, rest and start it all over in a few weeks!