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Light Alive Spotlight: Katy Chamness

Light Alive Spotlight: Katy Chamness

Jan 3, 2020 | About Light Alive, Team

Creativity is an essential quality to have when working in marketing and design, and our team is fortunate to see creativity in all the projects produced by our Marketing Associate, Katy Chamness. Katy has a great eye for all things creative and she is our office fashionista. We love seeing what she will create from day to day. 


Katy is the youngest on our team, but that certainly isn’t a disadvantage. She is energetic, eager to learn, and gets the job done, whatever it may be. Katy spends her days producing Graphic Design projects, Photography, Videography and even a little administrative work that our team so appreciates! 


Katy has dabbled in Photography and Interior Design for some time. After graduating with a degree in communications, she wasn’t sure what to do next but knew she had to begin a career that allowed her to be creative.


“I started taking small courses in Adobe Creative Suite, and after that, I just started to find internships to help me master the programs,” Katy explained. “I believed that no matter what kind of design, I knew learning a skill involving technology would help advance my career.”


Katy loves the opportunity her position has allowed her for professional growth. “Having a company take me in with little experience and being willing to teach me is very rewarding,” she said. “Every day I can learn and practice new skills.” Her favorite opportunities include making graphics and getting out of the office for video projects or photoshoots. 



5 of Katy’s Favorites:


  • I would not be where I am today without the Man Upstairs^^^
  • I’m a huge foodie 
  • Coffee and sweet tea run through my veins
  • I make it a goal to live a life with my bags always packed! I travel almost every weekend. Life is too short to not be pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. I believe that’s the best way to grow and find yourself.      


 5 Facts about Katy: 


  • The three most inspiring women to me are Ty Haney, Joanna Gaines, and Eva Chen. These three women work creatively and inspire a lifestyle I hope to achieve in my lifetime.   
  • I am an only child! My mom and dad are my best friends!
  • I LOVE to cook! Cooking is relaxing, rewarding, and a great way to spend time with others. 
  • Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day!!! 
  • Fashion, food, and interior design is very inspiring to me and pushes me creatively. 


Words Katy Lives by: 


“Everything happens for a reason.”