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Scary Marketing Mistakes That Make Us Scream

Scary Marketing Mistakes That Make Us Scream

Oct 22, 2020 | Marketing

It’s spooky season! And with this season come a few scary marketing mistakes we see quite often made by even the most ambitious and success-driven companies in our industry. Take a look at the top 5 marketing mistakes that make us scream!

Scary Marketing Mistakes

#1: Marketing Without a Plan is Scary Business

Just like traveling to a new place without directions, marketing without a plan can be scary business. Behind every successful marketing campaign is a plan that outlines the organization’s content, images, graphic design concepts, and needs of the clients. With a well organized roadmap, an organization can successfully draw and disseminate the necessary items and tasks in order to serve their clients on a timely basis. You should be able to ensure your content is all of the 3 R’s: relevant, reliable, and recognizable. Interested in learning more about how to organize your company’s content and prepare for the month(s) ahead? Contact us to see how our expert team of strategists and designers can lead you out of the woods!

#2: The Headless Horseman- Tactics Without a Strategy

Having tactics to help excel your business without a marketing strategy is like a horseman without a head! Many businesses know they have to create a logo, build a website, start a social media platform, promote their products or services, and create a network of clients. But without a strategy for long term success, there could be scary outcomes. Know the tactics you need to build your business but unsure of how to put those in a cohesive, successful strategy? Let us help you build your strategy before you lose your head! \

#3: Terrifying Trifecta- Fonts and Colors and Puns, oh my!

The terrifying trifecta! One of the biggest mistakes we see for even the most innovative and success-driven businesses is the overload of script fonts, bright colors, and corny puns! Remember that less is most likely more! Create a color palette of 2-4 complementary colors that you use for your brand’s content, choose legible and clean fonts that can be read on anything from billboards to business cards. And remember, leave the puns to the professional Dad Jokesters– A play on words can be fun, but in the grand scheme of your business’ success, you want your company to build a repertoire of exceptional service, professionalism, and expertise! Leave the Terrifying Trifecta in the dark when creating or enhancing your brand and you’re sure to stay in the clear.

#4: Don’t get lost in the never-ending maze 1,000 email communications!

Keeping your client Communications to the point and organized is key. When communicating with your clients over emails, make sure your topic is outlined in the subject and include a message in your email body. Make the email contents clear and concise so your keywords are found when you search for your emails. This ensures the full email thread is easily retrievable. Otherwise, you may find yourself lost in a maze of 1,000 emails unable to find exactly what you need!

#5: Ghost Stories- Vanishing on Your Customers and Prospects

Don’t allow your clients to feel ghosted! One of the greatest mistakes we see businesses make is unintentionally allowing incredible client connections to dissolve over time. Don’t allow time to create a void in your client communications, making them feel ghosted and without a lifeline when they need you! Create communication outlets like newsletters, social media posts, and personal emails. This helps check in and show them that they are a crucial part of your business’ success. Because let’s face it- they are! Don’t disappear on your current and prospective clients! Call us if you need help with curating a communications and marketing plan. We can help prevent a vanishing act.