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How Light Alive Marketing Came to it’s Name

How Light Alive Marketing Came to it’s Name

Feb 3, 2022 | About Light Alive

By Kaitlyn Keeler

Some of you may be wondering, what does Light Alive mean? What is the meaning behind their business? Well, here’s the full story and of how Light Alive Marketing came to its name and it’s meaning.

Freelancing Days

When Angel first started Light Alive, she started out by herself, freelancing web design, graphic design, photography, and video production for clients. This is when she came up with the name, Angelic Designs. However there was one problem with this name… there were hundreds of other businesses with the same name, and one of the bad ‘side-effects’ of that was that no one could find her website! People would try to search ‘Angelic Designs’ and other websites would pop up, but not hers. She stated “It was impossible to try to SEO because there were so many other businesses called Angelic Designs and some of them had nothing to do with graphic design. This was when I knew I had to change the name of the company.”

Time For A Change

When Angel decided to change the name of her company, she sat down and gave serious thought on what to change it to. She said she wanted something so unique that no one else would have, and that’s when she started thinking of how art does not exist without light.

What does this mean? Have you ever tried taking a photo in the dark? It doesn’t seem to work very well without light. Explained by Glimpse of Infinity, when the plethora of light waves and frequencies hits an object, it reflects off of it and allows us to see it. The object itself is actually colorless! When visible light shines on an object, some of the light frequencies bounce off of the object and soak it in- allowing us to see the object.

Angel also stated that God has always been the center of her life, and before we were created, God created light, giving us the ability to see and experience life as we know it, in full color. One could say that art comes to life with light.
Do you see where this is going? This is where Angel got the idea for Light Alive, art itself coming alive through light, naming the business Light Alive Designs.

The Final Name

Once the business started to pick up, the services offered were more than just website and graphic design, marketing services were also at a high demand. The team started growing to a small team of media designers and content marketing specialists. Angel decided to name the business Light Alive Designs & Marketing. During this time, Light Alive got their first office space and started making a name for itself. However, many people still called it “Light Alive Designs” and the team had to remind people that it was also “and marketing.” Angel also stated that Light Alive Designs & Marketing was long for a name, and with media design being an entity of marketing, she decided to change the name one last time to Light Alive Marketing.

The business finally had a name that perfectly represents what we do and who we are and with the newest name, you can most certainly find us on Google now! We’re proud of its uniqueness and how the business has grown to serve a broad range of clients located throughout Oklahoma and all over the world.