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Stay Secure Online with these Password Tips

Stay Secure Online with these Password Tips

May 17, 2021 | Marketing, Web Design

It’s so important to stay safe with secure passwords on the internet. With so many security threats on different websites and social media platforms, it’s imperative to know how to keep your personal information safe from online predators. Follow these tips to keep your information secure and safe from hackers online.

Keep your passwords written down on paper (yes, old fashion paper) and somewhere safe yet accessible.

Your passwords that you keep in an excel spreadsheet can be hacked if your computer is compromised. Just like your website or social media accounts. Be sure to add any new passwords to a paper version that you keep within a secure place at home, if ever you need to access them and your computer is inaccessible.

If you have a lot of passwords to manage, try using a safe, encrypted online vault like Keeper Security.

Keeper Security is a secure, encrypted online vault that specializes in keeping your passwords safe. If you manage many accounts or just want an easy, online location to keep all of your passwords that you can copy and paste when you need them on your favorite sites, try a site like Keeper and know you’re safe and secure.

Change your passwords regularly

Most sites do a decent job of asking you to update your passwords after so many days/weeks/months. According to Business Insider, it’s a smart move to change/update your password every 2-3 months to ensure your accounts are safe and secure. Add a reminder to your calendar or planner every 3 months so you don’t forget when it’s time to update!

Make your passwords sneaky, but memorable to you.

Your passwords should never be as simple as your last name and birthdate. Try adding special characters to your passwords instead of putting in words with all lowercase, capitalized, or consecutive numbers.

For example, instead of doing SadieDog12, try S@d!edoG1two. Incorporating more diverse characters in your passwords, non-consecutive numbers, and capitalized letters alongside lowercase letters will help you keep your information from getting into the wrong hands.

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