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Did You Know…? Light Alive Marketing

Did You Know…? Light Alive Marketing

May 10, 2021 | About Light Alive, Team

Over the last few years, Light Alive Marketing made some huge strides, both as a business and as a team. In fact, our business went from an at-home venture to now having our own location located in Lawton! Here’s a quick rundown of just a few amazing achievements our team made over the last few years: 

Where Did It Begin?

Light Alive Marketing was founded in 2012! We have only had a physical office location for 2 years, but our CEO Angel founded the business as a freelancer long before that even became an option. (Almost 10 years!)  Before Light Alive Marketing established a physical office location, our CEO Angel self-taught herself html coding and decided to pursue her passion for design! You can read more about the story of Light Alive and Angel’s journey here

Light Alive and Spirit of Survival

Have you seen the Spirit of Survival logo? Our CEO Angel personally drew the buffalo used in their branding and even named him – Hugo!  Hugo the buffalo is a beloved wall art in our office, and he brightens our day! If you’ve never heard of Spirit of Survival, here’s a blog you can read explaining what it is and how we’re involved. We’re proud of our involvement in the Spirit of Survival marathon and the Cancer Centers of SW Oklahoma! Our team loves sprucing up Hugo in creative ways every year!

Our Team is Growing!

Light Alive Marketing has really grown over the years! You may be in contact with 2-3 of our team members on a regular basis, but did you know that there are 10 of us working at the office daily, and 6 team members who work with us part time on a project basis? We began as a home business with just Angel, eventually adding our web and graphics designer Melanie to the team. From there, we’ve slowly collected more and more team members who love what they do! Our team continues to grow, and we are thankful for each of our talented crew.

We Work With MANY Different Clients

Our team has experience working with MANY different types of clients. We’ve produced content in industries like fuel and local politics, as well as local salons and construction companies! Our team is versatile and will work with you on virtually anything! While our business isn’t very big and hasn’t been around very long, the local community support has been fantastic! Big or small, our team will take on the challenge. Our clients vary from other small business owners to big names like EzGo. You can view our web, print and digital design work here