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Web Design: Your 5 Must-Have Web Pages

Web Design: Your 5 Must-Have Web Pages

Jul 8, 2021 | Web Design, Web Design

When deciding how to structure your business’s website, it can be overwhelming thinking of everything it must contain. With web design and the need for different pages, functionalities, and content that we are instructed to have on our company’s website, there are a number of things you must keep in mind and be sure not to exclude.

Don’t worry, we will guide you through the process of determining the most important pages and content to include on your website to engage your visitors and convert them to customers.

Home Page.

The homepage is where all the action happens on your site. It is the most visited page of your website. Your home page can entice or deter people from learning more about all your company has to offer. When thinking through web design, be sure you have YOUR face, service or product on the front page, visible as soon as people arrive. Make navigation seamless and easy for new visitors to find exactly what they are looking for. Use your brand colors and try to stay away from being TOO busy with too many menu options and moving buttons.

About Page.

The About page is an opportunity to elaborate on your brand’s vision and accomplishments. It’s a chance for you to introduce people to who you are, why you wake up and do what you do every day, and how you expect to achieve the desired results of your product or service. Have fun with this page’s content and include details not only about your personal life and decisions that lead to starting your business, but also where you provide your services or products, and what people can expect from using your brand! Create the feel for you and your brand on this page by making it personable and inviting.

Products or Services Page.

The products and services page is the crux of most websites. It shows off what you offer to your customers. It can be an e-commerce site that allows customers to go right in and purchase from your store and deliver it to their doorstep. Or it can simply be a list of your services and products with (or without) prices. When designing your website, be sure that this page has a way for your potential customers to contact you directly or to complete a sale.

Blog Page.

Your blog is an easy way to elevate your web design. A blog increases your visibility, improves SEO, and creates brand awareness with personal stories, tips, and tricks. Content on this page should help people do a few things such as get to know you as a business owner, learn how your product or service works, how it can solve a problem they may be facing, and what your product or service looks like in everyday life. Use keywords and alt text often to increase your visibility on search engines like Bing or Google.

Contact Page.

This page is crucial for converting potential customers. Be sure to include a contact form on your website. This allows people to send their name, email, phone number, and a message for their inquiry. If you allow for drop-ins or office visits, be sure to include your office address on this page as well. Make it easy for customers to find you and to reach out. 

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